Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional direction and support, to achieve our client’s expectations of an engaging and flawless program. To achieve this goal, we strive for the perfect show, every time, regardless of the size of the event. We know communication before the event is a critical factor to success. During the event, we are vigilant about all aspects of the show.  By keeping a sharp focus on the entire project at hand, we make every effort to ensure that your event will go as smoothly and professionally as possible.

Thus, our motto:

Relax, we’ve got you covered.


Kelly’s Experience

Kelly received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Engineering from the University of Miami. Before and after graduation, Kelly worked in the audio industry. She soon decided to learn more about the video and lighting aspects of the business. Due to the needs of the various companies she worked for after college, she became a video projectionist and by necessity, learned to completely engineer the systems that were interfaced to the projectors. This experience gained her numerous skills in troubleshooting all types of video systems. After 10 years as a video projectionist and engineer, Kelly branched out into graphics and PowerPoint presentations. Her video experience and knowledge have been extremely useful to her as a graphic artist. She knows video projection thoroughly and understands how content should look on-screen. Her experience in show management and technical directing is a natural addition to her extensive skill sets. Kelly’s clients regularly say, “With Kelly on the show, we have no worries.”

Andy’s Experience

With over 40 years in the audio reinforcement business, Andy has the experience and the skill to operate any size or type of audio system. Andy began his career in the US Marine Corps. As a saxophone player, he performed with various USMC field bands and jazz bands, as they traveled the world. Recording, live sound and musical instrument repair were additional duties he handled while in these bands. After Andy was discharged in the late 70’s, he went to broadcast school and became a professional DJ and station engineer. After a couple of years in radio, Andy went back to performing with bands in the San Diego area, and ended up touring all over the country. Always interested in live sound as a profession, while employed with McCune Sound in California in the early 80’s, Andy was able to work under industry leaders such as Ken DeLoria, later the founder of Apogee Sound and with early processed speaker systems designed for McCune by John Meyer, now the founder of Meyer Sound. Andy worked his way up to organizing and managing shows and meetings for various types of events. His skills and work ethic earned him top management positions in more than a few successful AV companies, all before the age of 35. His experience and leadership with these companies has brought him to today’s market, prepared to handle anything the client may need. Not only does Andy have considerable experience in this industry, his attention to detail, and follow through, makes him the ultimate Project Manager, Technical Director, or Audio Engineer Extraordinaire.





“Andy and Kelly are two of the best in the business and together, they are more than the sum of their parts.”   ~ Jan Icyda, Producer – Multi Image Group


“Thanks in large part to your professionalism and skill as the audio engineer, Mr. and Mrs. Moran and all of our corporate executives were very pleased. Every aspect of the sound was just perfect, and I heard nothing but accolades regarding the entire program.”                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Clark Ballard, Communications Director – JM Family Enterprises


“… You are a real joy to work with. No man has the energy or the spunk, that I have seen in this business compared to you… you got them hands down.”   ~ Dwight Harrington, Director/Owner – Med Cam International